My main research interest is concerned with the design and use of interactive visualization interfaces. I study how designers create information visualizations and how to better support their design activities. I also study how people interpret and reason with visual information and how interaction influences cognitive processes and activities. This research intersects and blends various disciplines and topics, including interaction design, cognitive psychology, information visualization, and human-centered computing. See my research lab page for more information.

Some other topics that I have studied or currently study include educational games, health informatics, cognitive tools, and design pedagogy. I work with colleagues Colin Gray,  Austin Toombs,  and Nancy Rasche to study our own UX design program which we developed from scratch and have been teaching since 2015. We treat our program like a laboratory school, where we implement novel curricular models and study them.

I also occasionally develop software tools, which you can read about on the tools page of my research lab website.


For a list of publications, see my research lab publications page, my Google Scholar page, or my ResearchGate page.



My research is funded by the National Science Foundation, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and Purdue University. See here for more details.

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